glucagon and weight loss

Is it more than coincidence that here in America, where the necessity of breakfast is repeated ad nauseum as well as three squares a day and snacks, that we have an epidemic of obesity?

Learn the secret to utilizing your own glucagon, the only human metabolic path to safe and permanent weight loss.

The Real Truth About Weight Loss

There are two main hormones that regulate weight gain and weight loss, INSULIN and GLUCAGON, and both are secreted by the pancreas.

Your own GLUCAGON secreted by your own pancreas is the only human metabolic pathway for weight loss.

The Metabolism Of Weight Gain And Weight Loss Is The Metabolism Of Insulin And Glucagon Respectively.

Just because you don't have a degree in Chemistry doesn't mean you can't understand how the human body regulates energy storage and utilization.

You will never be confused again about how to control your weight and some of the claims made by the current "dietary fads."

Phony Diet Claims

  • Now you can lose weight sitting on your sofa.

  • Eat More ... Weigh Less

  • Activate your "Metastat"

  • Lose Weight By Eating Seven or More Meals per Day

  • Eat More Meat ... Secrete Less Insulin

  • Increase Your Metabolism ... by Eating More

Don't Buy Any Diet Plan
Until You Understand How The Human Body Metabolizes Food

How To Lose Weight and Burn Fat
According to Real Human Metabolism

For example: The low-carb diets (Atkin's, Zone) had as one of their basic tenets that you would secrete less insulin by eating more protein (meat) and less carbohydrate. The problem was they never studied this notion and in fact the reality is just the opposite. It has been shown in a study reported in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 50(1997):1264, that beef raises the insulin level as much if not more than any other food!

If it sounds too good to be true ... it usually is!

From "Secret Fat Loss Methods" to "losing weight by not eating less but eating more the Meta-Stat" to losing weight by eating seven or more meals a day, diet pills and weight loss surgery all have one common thread -they totally ignore human biochemistry. There is not one study in the literature that shows that by eating more food your pancreas will secrete less insulin. In fact the more you eat, the more insulin will be secreted. The more insulin that is secreted, the more energy will be stored as fat somewhere on your body with or without any so-called metabolic thermostat (Meta-Stat) in your brain. The "exercises" that are supposed to flip your switches to fat burning won't come anywhere close to utilizing all the energy(calories) you ingest in your seven meals a day.

There are two main hormones that regulate energy metabolism, insulin and glucagon, and both are secreted by the pancreas, not the brain.

What is important is that when it comes to human energy metabolism the hormonal control by the pancreas (not the brain) is what and only what decides how the recently consumed energy will be stored and or eventually utilized. There are no studies that show that by having any kind of diet surgery or taking diet pills, your nutrition improves. Usually just the opposite occurs -your nutrition really suffers and you become malnourished.

Your glucagon secreted by your own pancreas
is the only human metabolic pathway to burn fat.

The human body can lose weight and burn fat by one and only one pathway, no matter what all the hype on the web tries to tell you. Understanding the real math on this makes it much easier to control your weight. Insulin stores energy, glucagon utilizes it. The first concern of any diet plan should not be weight loss -it should be achieving optimal health through a series of lifestyle changes.


Dear Dr. Mericle,

I want to thank you for your excellent paper, "The Metabolism of Weight Loss." You have explained the fundamental processes that regulate weight gain and loss in very understandable terms. I am not a scientist but after (I confess) a couple of careful readings I now understand how and why I have struggled with weight. Since reading the e-book several months ago I have used the knowledge every day. Between this understanding of my body and the recommendations contained in the Mericle Diet I now feel confident enough to say that I have control of my eating habits and my weight. Thank you again!

Patti M.
Ithaca, NY

The Two Things That Any Weight Loss Plan Has To Address!

  • Regulate Insulin

  • Maintain Adequate Nutrition

Optimal health will follow if the these two items are accomplished. Optimal weight loss will be a byproduct of optimal health. These two are the direct result of controlling insulin and achieving maximal nutritional density most of the time. This has to become "lifestyle change" in order to be effective. Temporary change, as is all too often typical for most weight loss plans, will almost always revert back to previous habits, increase in weight and increased risk of disease and less than optimal health. Several weight loss plans that violate these rules would be the Atkin's diet (poor nutrition), any low-carb diet (poor nutrition) and multiple small feedings (excessive insulin). Surgical procedures and diet pills also fail due to the lack of any real nutrition. One cannot ever be expected to achieve good health and safe and permanent weight loss without ever ingesting real nutrition necessary for vital life functions.

No Matter What Weight Loss Plan You Are On

It doesn't matter what weight loss plan you are on. People have tried everything from your blood type to multiple small feedings to sell diet products. Basically some of the most popular diet plans simply tell you what you want to hear -you get to eat everything you want to eat and a lot of it. Dr. Atkins made a small fortune by doing this while the people who bought this plan paid for it with increased morbidity and mortality from disease. Once you understand how the human biochemistry works, you won't get fooled by these diet plans.

No Matter What Type of Food You Eat

It doesn't matter if you eat meat, dairy, vegan, vegetarian, Chinese or Mexican. All food that can be processed by human energy metabolism must follow the same biochemical pathways that have been established since the human began to evolve. Human energy metabolism might be considered anachronistic in this age of fast food on every corner, but it is what it is and it is what we have. We can't change that nor can the GatorAid Sports Science Institute, the Atkins Diet, Multiple Small Feedings or any of the myriad plans out there today.

You Need This Knowledge

Trying to lose weight without fully understanding how the human body manages the calories / energy you eat is like trying to play professional football without knowing any of the plays. You may get lucky and lose that occasional pound, but the chances of you achieving your ideal weight and staying there, approach zero at the speed of light. It really doesn't matter whose diet plan you are on, excessive calories are still excessive calories. They become energy that your body doesn't utilize and insulin will soon store them as fat.


Dear Dr. Mericle,

Please do not send the refund check. I woke early this morning and re-read the document. It is excellent! Yesterday, when I read it over--it just seemed to be similar information I had read before. Once I really tried to understand, the second reading became very clear. I am very thankful to you for your work and also being so responsive to my email.

All my best to you,
Jane S.
New York, NY

from a second email a month later

Thank you so much Dr. Mericle,

This virus was a tough one. I ended up buying a new computer on Saturday, but I don't mind -- the new one is much better.

Thank you for all the links below. Everything is going great and your knowledge has helped me to understand how food interacts with my body and what I can do to control my weight. I am not currently overweight, but have always dieted. Now I don't have to diet, because I understand the chemisty and I am in control since I know how the body works.

I am so thankful to you.

All my best,

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that if you put one hundred monkeys on one hundred typewriters eventually, given enough time, they would produce the complete works of Shakespeare. I am sure that as I write this there are at least one hundred monkeys working on another hundred diet plans dedicated to making someone a lot of money and relieving you of the burden of ownership of your wallet. The only way for you the consumer to be able to spot the real imposters is by knowledge. That knowledge can be quickly obtained by completing the Short Course on the Metabolism of Weight Loss.

Learn About Glucagon -The New Wonder Drug Secreted by Your Own Pancreas

  • retards aging
  • burns fat
  • proven to reverse disease
  • increases energy
  • no harmful side effects
  • 100% natural
  • low cost ie no cost
  • no prescription required
  • available to all
  • Secreted By Your Own Pancreas

Don't Become Insulinated!

While your insulin is working overtime, your glucagon is standing around in the unemployment lines.

Stop and ask yourself these questions!

  • Are you tired of dieting?
  • Are you tired of worrying about your weight?
  • Are you tired of worrying about cancer, heart disease and stroke?
  • Do you have adult onset diabetes?
  • Are you worried about osteoporosis?
  • Would I rather not worry about all this?
  • Do you look as good as you could?
  • Do you want to eat a healthier diet but don't know how?
  • Are you confused about what to eat and what is a true carbohydrate?
  • Do you exercise but don't seem to lose weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions "The Metabolism of Weight Loss" can help!

Some of the subjects include

  • what is insulin
  • what is glucagon
  • what does insulin do
  • what does glucagon do
  • how does the body lose weight
  • how does the body put on weight
  • stomach hunger
  • the incomplete food cycle
  • glucagon and fat burning
  • why you shouldn't rely on exercise
  • the fallacy of multiple small feedings
  • why eating breakfast may not be good for you
  • epinephrine and norepinephrine
  • the dangers of sucrose (table sugar)
  • the dangers of sports nutrition

arm yourself with real knowledge

When you understand more about how human energy metabolism keeps us going, you will be able to better evaluate and judge your own diet plan, foods and food labels. You will know what to do when a few pounds start to come back and what not to do. You won't be fooled by diets that claim you can eat all you want all day long and still be thin. There is a certain comfort in knowing the real "math" on human energy metabolism that makes it much easier to permanently modify bad eating habits. You may not quit them completely, but you will be able to control them so they don't affect your health and your weight.

final exam and review

When you feel ready you can take the final exam. We had this exam online for a month and the high non-adjusted score was 60. See if you can beat this. Just by taking the exam you will learn a lot about insulin, glucagon, weight loss and exercise.

Why is this woman starving?

Demonstration of the relationship
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